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Nerves Junior

New video!!!

For ‘Swimmer’s Ear! Check it out!

Nerves Junior

This band is amazing.

Giving off vibes somewhere between Radiohead, Vampire Weekend and Arctic Monkeys, their debut album As Bright As Your Night Light really is special. It didn’t get the attention it deserved when it was released last year, but I hope that changes this year. I hope it gets re-released and their music gets to as many people as possible.

Coming from Louisville, Kentucky, this group have a very strong future together. On their bandcamp it’s described as ‘electronic rock’ although that’s a little wide of the mark. Yes, some songs are rock-y, and some songs are electronic-y, but some are indie, some are pop, some are a little bit alternative, but every song is a little bit special.

I could probably have posted any of the songs off the album, it truly is an amazing album. Kale, Swimmer’s Ear, As Bright As Your Night Light – they’re all immense songs, and even more so when you consider how young the band is, and how it’s their first release. However, I’ve gone with Get Left In The Dark, it’s just a really pretty song. Go and listen to Nails To Scratch With on their bandcamp too, it’s immense.

Please go and download them album, you seriously won’t regret it.



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