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Music Marketing

Getting fans involved, and letting them feel part of something really is the future of marketing music. Fans don’t want to feel like they’re being told to do something, or having something shoved in their faces. They want to feel like they found a new band for themselves, and they want to feel like they’ve done something to help out the band.

I’ve only written about a few marketing campaigns already, but I hope you can see that the ones I’m talking about are the ones that are different, unique, and make the fans feel part of something, rather than just seeing a poster for the artists, or a music video, or hearing them on the radio. All of these are forms of advertising for the artist, and without them the campaign wouldn’t be as strong, but the campaigns that really stand out for me are the ones that have something different, and the ones that involve the fans, because fan involvement is free.

Fan involvement is the best type of marketing. You have thousands of ‘marketeers’ for your band, who will tell everyone they know about a new band that they like. They have no reason to promote the artist other than they like them. They’re not getting paid to like the band or promote the band. They’re doing it for free, because they love the music, and they want to see their favourite band do well. Fan involvement is definitely the future of music marketing, and the campaign that I’ll talk about next week is ‘The Johnny Cash Project’ which was one of the biggest fan-involved marketing campaigns, and one of the most successful.


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