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Johnny Cash

The Johnny Cash Project is a global art project, asking fans to get involved by submitting their art of Johnny Cash, with each picture becoming a frame as part of a music video.

Where it becomes special is that the pictures, or frames, were being put to Johnny Cash’s last recording, Ain’t No Grave. Each fan made different frame, which was obviously in a different style, and when put together the frames worked together brilliantly.

Anyone can contribute to the website –


and so far over 150,000 people have taken part. Just think – that’s 150,000 that feel involved and will probably tell their friends and family that they’re ‘part of the new Johnny Cash video’. As a piece of ‘viral marketing’ – if you can call it that, in this case – it was amazing.

The frames are also being re-written and changed all the time. As more people contribute, the video is changing, never staying the same.

In the picture below, each one of the tiny squares is a single frame, with many frames being played at the same time.

No 2 viewings of the video are the same. It is a great tribute to the Man in Black.


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