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Keep your eye on new London via Bournemouth based band MUST. They recently put up ode to Elvis (maybe), Graceland, and it’s a tune.

They’re yet to play an announced gig in London, but keep your eyes peeled – coming to a venue near you soon (if you live in London).


Check out Crows, the Kilburn-based 4 piece with songs that will knock your cotton socks off.

Here’s their first offering, Glamour of the Gods:

They played at the Macbeth last night, but stay tuned for more info on upcoming shows, you won’t want to miss them.

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Luke Sital-Singh

This guy is bloody brilliant. Ladies and gentlemen, Luke Sital-Singh. Hailing from the small south-west London town of New Malden, Luke is a future star.

He played at Madame Jojos last night as part of TV Nights and if you missed that you’ll have to wait a little while to see him again. His next London show is next Tuesday at the Half Moon in Putney, so make sure you get down there for that. One of the most exciting talents I’ve heard in a while, keep it up sir!

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