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Young Fathers

Edinburgh based alternative hip-hop group Youth Fathers have been around for a while (4 years to be exact), but they’re doing some amazing things at the moment that means they deserve a mention. They write original, unique, amazing songs that restore your faith in new music.

Their members also have some of the best names I’ve heard in a while. Kayus Bankole, Graham Hastings and Alloysious Massaquoi make up Young Fathers, and they make brilliant music. I’ve got no idea whether or not they all have kids themselves, but it doesn’t matter – have a listen to their amazing song, Romance, which isn’t really hip-hop at all but is still amazing:

And here’s another great track Sister:

Listen to their mixtape Tape One in full below:

They’re playing Madame Jojo’s next Tuesday (24 April), and you definitely don’t wanna miss this one. Get tickets here.

Facebook / Bandcamp


Edinburgh based electro/alternative/chill out/pop act Dems are special. Made up of Dan Moss, David Gardener and Duncan Mann, together they make beautiful music. They recently toured with Azealia Banks and supported Is Tropical, but it won’t be long before they’re the headline act on their own tour.

Their new single Inner O is released on Bad Life Recordings on 2 April, with Bridesmaid on the b-side. It’s a great song – great production, vocals and lyrics and great songwriting, which means it ticks pretty much every box on the ‘How To Write An Amazing Song That People Will Care About’ checklist.

Here’s the b-side Bridesmaid:

They’re playing a live set at Old Blue Last on Thursday, and it’s free, so get yourself down there and treat your ears. It’s featured on my weekly gig list so they must be good!


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