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Simon Cowell – DJ’s Got Talent?

So Si Co’s new idea is for a tv show to find the world’s greatest DJ’s.

But I can see a few problems here:

1. The sort of people that watch X Factor – families, mums, kids – aren’t interested in DJ’s. They won’t watch it.

2. We’ve already seen video games such as DJ Hero have been relatively unsuccessful compared to other music games such as Guitar Hero and Rock band – why will people suddenly care?

3. Having DJ’s perform on a stage in front of judges won’t be that exciting to watch. There’s already a DJ competition – the DMC World Championships – where the DJ’s are extravagant, interesting to watch and generally amazing, and are we really going to find new DJ’s that are better than the ones that enter that?

4. No DJ that is any good/has had any success will want to go on a talent show – it’s not cool.

5. DJ’s aren’t ‘the new rockstars’ – the coolest DJ’s are the ones that do their thing on stage, and then stay out the limelight off it – makes them more mysterious, innit?

6. Most of the DJ’s won’t be real DJ’s (as in they won’t use vinyl) so it’ll just be someone on stage with a laptop in front of some judges. He could be a doing a fucking excel spreadsheet for all we know…

Whatever happens, it will be interesting to see how the show develops, how successful it is and whether or not the winner has any sort of career after the show.


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