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Calvin Roche

Well well well… Mr Calvin Roche.

I lived with Calvin last year, and he’s one of the most dedicated, hard working musicians I know. He would sit in his room playing guitar, writing songs, singing for hours every day. So much so that it got bloody annoying! (Sorry Cal!) But through those hours of work, he’s developed into a great songwriter, which compliments his unique voice extremely well.

Since those days last year Calvin has put together a band, made up of Josh Rigal on bass, Mike Saminaden on drums, Paul Richards on keys and Rob Curran on guitar, and the results are great.

In the process of finishing his debut EP (produced by Mike Saminaden – The Apostates, It’s Not OK), the EP consists of some genuinely really very good pop songs. Fly To You has a more rock-y edge, with a ridiculously catchy riff and driving drums, while Fire On The Lake shows Calvin’s slower, softer side (every song is about a different girl in case you didn’t know – you, you and you…).

These are the first recordings that Calvin has done with his full band, with his previous recordings using electronic drums, keys and synths, which if I’m being honest didn’t compliment Calvin’s sound at all. But this new sound, with this new band, is really something special.

Calvin, met his band at University of Westminster, with Josh, Paul and Mike on the Commercial Music course, and Rob on the Performance course. I believe they’ve been performing together as this lineup for just under a year, and these recordings are proof that they’re definitely heading in the right direction.

The last time I saw the band perform was for the December Sessions at the O2 arena, where they played with the equally impressive Whales In Cubicles (who I’ll be doing a feature on very soon!) and the Calvin Roche Band blew me away. Rather luckily Calvin’s time slot was when streams of Manic Street Preachers fans were queueing to go into the main arena, which meant  a lot of them stopped to listen to Calvin. That has to be one of his biggest advantages: he appeals to several age groups and fans of different genres.

The EP, which is in the final stages of being mixed, i’s sounding really very good and as soon as final recordings are up I’ll post a couple of them here, as well as a link to go and download them. It’s set to be released digitally at the end of this month.

Calvin is next playing at Worlds End in Finsbury on the 26th January. Be sure to check him and his band out. They’re getting a lot of attention and are sure to be picked up soon.

Here’s his acoustic version of Lie About The Truth:


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