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The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood hail from California, and have some exciting times ahead if the 2 songs I’ve heard are anything to go by. The first song I heard was Sweater Weather, a sort of electronic rock song, with a slight hip hop tinge, and it really works. See (listen) for yourself, here’s Sweater Weather:

They’re another band that are keeping their cards close to their chest, choosing to let their music do the talking, which is a good thing when you’ve got tunes like this.

The first song to drop was Female Robbery, which arrived around February time and has been getting plenty of plays. Have a listen:

Not much other information at the moment, I’m afraid, but keep an eye on this band as they’re sure to be everywhere just in time for summer.


I gotta admit Japandroids are a pretty new band to me, but better late than never, ay?

After hearing their new single The House That Heaven Built I’m pretty hooked. It’s a near 5 minute, lo-fi, garage pop rock masterclass in how to write a rock song but with a chorus so catchy even Simon Cowell would love it…

They’re a Vancouver-based duo and they’ve been together since 2006. They released their debut album, Post-Nothing in 2009, but it’s likely that new album Celebration Rock will bring them a bigger bunch of nice new fans. Here’s the new single,¬†The House That Heaven¬†Built:

Their album Celebration Rock is out on 5 June, and can be pre-ordered here, and I very much recommend that you do so.


Indians come from Copenhagen. I know that sounds like a ridiculous statement but it’s true. Indians, the artist/band, come from Copenhagen (that’s clearer now isn’t it…)

Unfortunately that’s pretty much all the information I have on Indians (the artist/band that is, I could tell you shit loads of facts about Indians, and Cowboys…)

Two other things I do know about Indians.

1. They have/he has a really good song called Magic Kids.

2. Magic Kids was released digitally by a Danish label called Speed Of Sound:

You can check out the video below:


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