Fix Factor

We all saw the HMV site with Amelia Lily’s ‘X Factor Winners Single’ yesterday. It was a massive fuck up on the part of HMV. But it could have severe repercussions for X Factor, not necessarily fair ones.

Now, this series of X Factor has already been questioned for ‘fixing’ with Amelia Lily being announced as the contestant voted back in by STV, a few hours before the result was announced on the show. Now this, and it all looks a bit fishy…

The thing is, will X Factor now stop Amelia winning even if she gets the most votes? Will they ensure Marcus or Little Mix win because if Amelia wins it will seem like it has been a fix, and there will be uproar.

Or will they just let the votes be counted, and the person with most votes be crowned winner (what should happen, but not necessarily what will happen).

Whatever does happen, there will be people that are unhappy. It might have just been an honest mistake by HMV, and they have all 3 winners singles available to pre-order but Amelia’s went live by mistake. It might be a PR stunt to get people to vote for the other contestants. Votes = money for Mr Cowell.

Here’s a screenshot for anybody that missed actually seeing it on the HMV site:

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